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While off duty, the crew jumps into action to help a mother in distress.

The woman believes a man has kidnapped her daughter and a friend, and Dean, Vic, and Travis set out to help.

The woman confronts the male homeowner, who tells her to get off his property.

Dean wants to fake a gas leak to get inside the house and search for the missing girls, but Vic talks him out of it.

Jack and Maya later arrive on scene, just as the police.

The police say they are there to investigate a disturbance from the homeowner and refuse to take the mother's concerns seriously due to her race.

Station 19 does pretend there is a gas leak, but then a fire starts in the house.

Dean and Sullivan go in without any gear to rescue the girls and get them out safely.

Things devolve from there, and the episode ends with Dean and Sullivan being arrested.

Ben informs Tuck and Joey that Bailey's mother has died, and Tuck is visibly upset, saying that Ben isn't his father.

Tuck later apologizes, and Ben, Tuck, and Joey have a conversation about having faith.

Sullivan learns from Richard his separation from Andy isn't mandatory, and the marrieds have sex at the firehouse and get back together.

Lastly, Jack and Inara sleep together.

Station 19
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Station 19 Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Sullivan: Just this 90-day separation from my wife, it’s wreaking me, but Dr. Shephard said it’s necessary, so…
Richard: Did she say it was necessary, or did she suggest that it might help you focus on your recovery?
Sullivan: I’m a rule follower, see, so if you tell me a rule, I follow it to the letter. Are you saying it isn’t a rule?
Richard: Robert, there are no rules in a 12-step program. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking or using. Shephard gave you a suggestion based on her experience.
Sullivan: Are you telling me that I can be with my wife?
Richard: Does your wife support your sobriety?
Sullivan: Yes.
Richard: Does being around her cause you to crave alcohol or drugs?
Sullivan: No.
Richard: You and I are here to work these steps. There are nothing in those steps about separating from the people who love you.
Sullivan: Yes.

Jack: Yeah, I’ll be late, though. I got to help Marcus with his online classes.
Travis: You mean you got to go see your girlfriend Inara.
Jack: I told you, just friends.
Vic: Oh right friends like the ones you sleep with, live with, raise a child with. That kind of friend.
Jack: Whoa, one, I sleep on the couch. Two, I’m not raising any children because I’m more like his…
Dean: Step-daddy?
Jack: Inara and I are just friends. Why is that so hard to believe?
Vic: I don’t know. Have you met you?
Andy: Jack, I believe you.
Jack: Thank you.
Andy: I believe that you believe you’re just friends.