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Vic is mentally exhausted with everything going on and just wants one day not to think about all of the craziness in the world.

Station 19 is called to a fire at Vic's parents' restaurant that was started by rioters who hijacked a Black Lives Matter protest.

Station 19 puts the fire out, and Vic and Travis stay behind to help with overhaul.

Vic's parents go back into their destroyed restaurant, and Vic goes off on them about their parenting philosophy of not talking about the difficult things and moving past them.

She explains how scared and tired and heartbroken she is, especially after the death of Breonna Taylor, as they could have been her.

A reporter shows up at the restaurant and wants to run a story about rioters destroying a small business, but Vic and her parents refuse to let him spin in that way.

Vic later learns that all her parents have done is tried to protect her.

Station 19 prepares to go work at the medical tent tomorrow for a Black Lives Matter protest, but the city pulls their permit, wanting to present a united front.

Maya and Dean realize they can still go and help out at the medical tent as civilians.


Station 19
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Station 19 Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Travis: What’s up?
Vic: Nothing. I’ve spent all weekend thinking about what’s up. I just want two seconds to not think about that. I just want to think about shellfish.
Travis: This is our thing, right? This is what we do. We take turns forcing the other person to talk, so rip the scab. Just do it.
Vic: Remember when we used to go out at night back when the world was open? And before you’d head out, you’d say to your friends, text me when you get home, just so you’d know all your people were good. You’d know they’d made it home safe and sound, right? That’s like sacred friend stuff, like humans evolving beyond beast stuff. That is consideration and buddy love you even when you’re too drunk to walk straight.
Travis: Oh my god, remember how hammered you were at Miller’s birthday last year?
Vic: But she was home, Travis. Breonna Taylor was home. She could have texted her best friend, ‘home, xo,’ and that friend would have gone to bed thinking, ‘Great, everyone’s home safe and sound,’ and then she was killed in the middle of the night in her home in her pajamas.
Travis: Vic, I’m sorry.
Vic: I just don’t want to think about any of it, you know. Just one day, Travis. Tomorrow I will pick it all back up again, I promise, but today I just want to put my feelings in the freezer ‘cause I’m spent and I just need one day. I will fight all future battles and I will care as much as I do now, but I’m exhausted. And I just need a day.

Andy: How are you holding up?
Maya: If by holding up, you mean stuffing my face with cookies every chance I get to avoid thinking about the fact that Carina’s heading into the belly of the COVID beast and that the immigration system is as broken as the justice system, then I am holding up incredibly well.
Andy: Which kind of cookies?
Maya: Get out of here.