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  • Andy is determined to find other victims. She scours all the comments about her and finds holly.
  • She goes to her lawyer and they talk to the judge about it.
  • She finds Holly and talks to her to get information about what happened. She tries to talk to Holly and convince her to speak out not just for Andy but for everyone and to take a stand. Holly does, and it's enough to toss the case.
  • The team respond to a call where radioactive material spills on the road after an accident with a truck driver and a bus full of kids are stuck in it.
  • They have to troubleshoot and expose themselves to radioactive material to save the kids. The driver eventually risks himself to save the kids and ends up in the hospital.
  • The kids are okay and talking to one of them really seems to touch Jack a great deal.
  • Maya and Carina have their green card appointment and both are awkward about it the whole time, and it seems to go all over the place, but Carina gets her green card.
  • Maya expresses how pissed she is that she got screwed for her job so she goes to Sullivan and Ross and tells them that she'll report them if she doesn't get her job back..
  • Travis announces that he's running for mayor against Dixon.
  • They throw a party for Pru and to celebrate them having her. They give a toast to Dean.
  • Beckett tells Sullivan that he's going to rehab and that he'll need some help.
  • Ross tells Andy that she has her job back as lieutenant because a spot opened up. Andy races to see who left and it's Jack. He drives off away from her.
Station 19
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Station 19 Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

I ain't trying to be a hero. You guys are the heroes. The world needs more people like you than like me. Let me do this.


I am not sorry. I am not playing by the rules of a system designed to break me.