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  • Beckett is under investigation, but it's considered standard procedure.
  • Maya returns and inquries about if Beckett was drunk or not when it was happening.
  • Beckett is back even though he's in the middle of an investigation and everyone is worried about him and  his sobriety. They think he's shaky and not well and don't want to follow him into a fire.
  • They all agree and talk Warren into letting Andy take over. It's a mutiny that could get them in trouble, but they don't care.
  • Beckett calls Andy out, but she tells him that she doesn't want anyone dying on her watch.
  • Ross goes to see the man who is investigating Beckett and gets the feel that he's about to let Becktt off.
  • Diane shows up at the station for the crisis one help. Carina does too.
  • They'r respnoding to the fire at the barberhshop
  • Carina tries to find ways around getting information from Diane about maya.
  • Someone is still in the barbershop and his mother keeps trying to force Theo to go inside and look for him.
  • Beckett runs into the fire he shouldn't be in and wasn't cleared and looks for Jose.
  • A woman drives into the station with a deer through the windshield.
  • Beckett finds Jose and give him his helmet and oxygen.
  • Ross arranged for another person to also investigate Beckett.
  • They get inside and rescue Jose and Beckett but Becktt is looking back at the fire as if conteplating something
  • Ross goes off on them when they arrive back at the staition and tells them that the Beckett situation was being handled, but now their actions could cost them their jobs.
  • They help the lady with the deer antler stuck in her.
  • Maya breaks down to Vic and Diane wondering if she's the antler and if she's signing up for nothing but pain and causing more of it with Maya and Vic comforts her.
  • Rose continues to go oaff on them and they tell her why they made the choice they did, but she has to deal with the consquences.
  • Maya talks to Ben about her guilt over giving Beckett that bottlle.
  • Sullivan tells Ross that he can't spend time with her because he has to go to a meeting.
  • Beckett tells Ross he's taking a leave of absence and needs help. He leaves his badge.
Station 19
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Station 19 Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

You're not getting us killed today.


Ben: What's going on with you and Carina?
Maya: We're not not talking?
Ben: OK, that's what I'm talking about.