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  • Carina isn't pregnant.
  • They plan for the boot camp with the girls.
  • Eli wants to release information to hurt Dixon, and Travis is reluctant to do that.
  • A lighthning storm caused a helicopter crash.
  • Theo is still annoyed that Maya is there when she should be resting.
  • Ross calls Jack in to help with the girls.
  • They try to save the pilot in the helicopter but he dies.
  • They try to save the next man but Beckett won't allow Ben to make the call to get the man out becuase of the storm. Andy and the rest go against Beckett's orders to save the man.
  • Vic is inspired by Ross and wants to find a similar passion that she doesn't have right now.
  • Jack tells Vic about his sister and the photo she gave him.
  • A man comes to the station while Vic is still training the girls and tells them that the kids in the back of his truck were struck by lighning.
  • Maya has pushed herself too hard and she's struggling out in the field which is noticeable and taking too many ibuprofen
  • Theo again expresses his frustration with how crappy a leader Beckett is when he's talking to Ben and commending him on how he demanded respect
  • The girls all jump into action to help with the victims that come in. They did well and some cry in relief afterward.
  • Ross tells Vic that she wants her to lead Crisis One
  • Travis makes it to the meeting too late and his anger gets the better of him which proves the rumors about him.
  • Andy tires to talk to Maya again but mMaya pushes her away.
  • Maya pushes herself on the treadmill more and end up hurting herself, falling off and getting knocked unconscious. The rest of the team gets a call and have to head out. Andy looks for her but can't find her but they have to keep going.
Station 19
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Station 19 Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

How did you know that your pocket was your pocket? Because I want to be like that. I want to feel like that.

Vic [to Ross]

A crappy captain is a kiss of death. I know because I was one.