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Theo is out on a run and ignoring Vic's calls. She goes to tell Travis about it, but he's having a nightmare because he's worked up about being in the lead.

Andy is supposed to go out with Eli, but she's running late and tells him about the mutiny she committed. He also calls her out on not being ready to date and gets take out with her.

Ross starts chewing them out when Andy steps in and argues that it wasn't a mutiny according to their code that dictates that the senior person can step in when their captain was incapacitated. They don't get to discuss it futher when they get a call and Ross is the captain.

They get a call becuase a social media star gets injured and needs rescue when she falls in a cave somewhere.

Theo is upset because they dismissed his request for the arson investigation into the barbershop in his old neighborhood. Vic tells him that they'll investigate on their own, and they head to do that.  Theo expresses that it's the last place he had memories of his father, and now that it's burned down it feels like his father has been erased.

Ben treats a man, Reggie, who comes in with high blood pressure, wheezing, and some pains all over. He says that he rode through a crowd at GSM. He's the man who ran Addison and the doctor over. He got bit by a Black Widow spider and needs anti-venom quickly before he dies.

They hear alerts on their comms about an incident at the hospital and Maya begins to freak out when she's suspended in air. She freaks out thinking about Carina.

Stella the social media influencer keeps denying that she's dating the guy she's working with and it bothers him.It hits close to home for Sullivan and Ross.

Stella is only consumed with her social media and Travis finally goes off on her for endangering everyone's lives and only focusing on her  antics.

Theo has the dogs come in and he finds evidence of arson. The investigators are reluctant to open the case and Theo appeals to the investigator and has him looking into the other locations to determine if those were all connected.

Maya gets out and runs ten miles to check on Carina at GSM.

Eli is thrilled at the good press that Travis is gettting and Travis expresses frustation with all of this election stuff.

Ross tells Andy that she can be interim chief until Beckett returns but then she says she wants to get it when she can stay in the psoiton and tells Ross that Sullivan deserves it.

Ross names Theo as acting captain.

Ben runs to the hospital to get to Bailey


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Station 19 Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

There aren't any bats in these caves, right? Will someone please answer me?


Screw it! This city isn't protecting its citizens or us. Let them fire us. I'm done.