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  • Andy video talks to her mother as she prepares for a date.
  • news breaks about Travis getting arrested for drunken behavior once. It gets him upset and he doesn't belileve Vic can fix any of it.
  • Carina redoes their first night together and she and Maya talk and make love which puts Maya in a great mood.
  • Sullivan and Andy respond a crisis one call with a drunk man on a roof.
  • He says that he's sick and they can't do anything about it and he wants to die on his own terms .
  • Ben finds Jack in the car atht the clinic sleeping and he makes him come inside.
  • He ropes him into volunteering for the day and the famous lesbian couple think that he's there to get treated instead.
  • Travis is still reeling from the news leaked about him but Ross reminds him about how he has to be twice as good and he has to pull it together
  • a woman comes into the clinic and seems to show some interest in Jack. presumably his sister.
  • The team responds to a call at a battery factory where the employees are stuck in a room and could die if they don't get to them in 20 minutes.
  • Jack criticizes the clinic and Ben calls him out on leaving them and not contributing to things.
  • Rafael keeps talking about his job and how he got sick from them. He's the engineer that works at the plant and can save the others. They tell him about it and he's trying to get down when he slips
  • Sullivan dives to save him and they're both dangling off the building when Andy and another guy have to save them
  • They rush Rafael to the factory so he can help the others get out
  • The woman who has been studying Jack talks to Carina and gives her an envelope to give to him before leaving.
  • Eli shows up to help and Vic tells Travis that she can't help him anymore and neeeds Eli
  • Jack cleans up and agrees to possibly coming back.
  • They give him the envelope.
  • Theo tells Ross that they have to do something about Beckett.
  • Jack opens the envelope and finds out that Brooke, his sister gave him a baby piccture of him, and is open to talking if he wants it.
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Station 19 Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

Why are they so attractive?


Eli: Sounds like a deal.
Andy: A deal with the devil.