Station 19 Spoilers

Station 19 Quotes

Pruitt: If you see a fire put it out, then move on to the next one. Whatever you do, don’t stick around once the fire’s out. There is no life to be lived in the ashes. Let them blow away.
Andy: Good night, daddy.
Pruitt: Good night, Andrea.
Andy: Good-bye, daddy.
Pruitt: See you later.

Ryan: You know Andy, whatever happened with you and your dad …
Andy: He called me a slut.
Ryan: Oh, what?
Andy: I mean, not in some many words, but yeah.
Ryan: Were you being a slut? Hey, sluts have all the fun. I am pro slut. Is it Jack?
Andy: No.
Ryan: Sullivan?
Andy: How did you know that?
Ryan: I know you. I see things. Your captain though, yeah, that would piss your dad off.
Andy: My dad accused me of crapping where I eat, which is an expression I would be happy to never hear again in my life. This thing with Sullivan, it’s something I’ve never felt before. It’s like a feeling I can’t shake or get over unless I hate him, but you can’t hate your captain and function, and that is what makes my dad right, which is what is so enraging.
Ryan: So you love him? You crapped where you eat.