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Rosaline and Isabella are having lunch when Escalus makes an appearance. Rosaline goes on about how she is falling for Benvolio when Escalus tells her the betrothal ceremony has been moved up. Rosaline is not happy.Esaclus and Isabella leave for a meeting.

Lord Montague and Lord Capulet are arguing about the price of Rosaline's hand. Escalus orders Montague to pay Capulet's price. Capulet tells Escalus about the cathedral issues.

Livia and Rosaline talk about the upcoming betrothal when the nurse comes in with an invitation from Benvolio for a picnic. It didn't come from Benvolio though. It was from Lord Montague who hired someone to write the sonnet.

Capulet gets a letter from someone he owes money too and has flashbacks of his killing the architect. The door opens and he sees someone running. He chases after and bumps into the nun. He thought he saw Juliet.

Benvolio is at a bar being teased about marrying a Capulet and gets into a fight, knocking the guy out.

Capulet comes across a shrine Lady Capulet has for Juliet. The nun is there. He wants her to get rid of it, but she tells him it's the way Lady Capulet is grieving.

Benvolio tells Montague he's not going to marry Rosaline, but Montague won't have any of it.

Livia is helping Count Paris walk. He's trying to gain his strength.

At the garden, Benvolio tells Rosaline of a plan to get them out of the marriage. He suggests sending her to a nunnery which she said she wanted to do one time before in anger. She agrees to Benvolio's plan. But is she doing this because it's what she wants or because she's trying to spite Escalus?

Montague meets with Isabella about a plan to hire his own architect to finish the Capulet Cathedral. She agrees if he puts a fresco of Catherine in it. He will. She also didn't like having to wait outside while the men were speaking.

Lord Capulet talks to Lady Capulet about Juliet. He thinks she might be alive. Lady Capulet is angry that he's never visited her crypt and sends him away.

Livia is walking with Count Paris again but outside this time. They flirt then he attempts to kiss her. She pulls away.

Benvolio meets with another woman and wants her to leave with him. She won't leave with him. She tells him he shouldn't be at the brothel and he leaves.

Isabella talks with Escalus about Rosaline. he's torn up about forcing her to marry a Montague. isabella doesn't see a problem with it.

Rosaline is packing up her stuff to go to the nunnery. She gets outside and around the corner she sees something.

Capulet is looking at all his bills and has completely freaked out. Rosaline comes in to talk to Capulet and makes a deal to marry Montague if he makes her sister Lady Livia. He tells her she better be convincing or Livia will be a servant forever.

Rosaline is waiting for Livia in her bedroom. She tells Livia about the plan Benvolio came up with. Rosaline tells Livia about her agreement with Capulet.

At the betrothal ceremony, Escalus professes his love for Rosaline. she tells him to call it off, but he doesn't so the ceremony continues. They are bound to marry by the prince. So nobody in the crowd sees the looks Rosaline and Escalus are giving to each other? Stella shows up and she leaves after they are bound together.

A man in black shows up and condemns the union throwing a fire arrow into a cart that arrives. Benvolio whisks Rosaline to safety before it blows up.

Escalus orders a guard to bring Isabella back to the palace. She refuses as she is helping the ambassador, but he grabs her and takes her anyway.

Rosaline and Benvolio chase after the man in black. They are quite the team  Benvolio catches him and they engage in a sword fight. It was the guy Benvolio beat up in the bar. Benvolio shoves him off the top of the building.

Livia visits Count Paris and tells him about what happened in the square. 

Benvolio and Rosaline figure out that Montagues and Capulets have a common enemy and they are going to work together to find out who it is so teh war will end and they don't have to be married.

Isabella tells Escalus he was wrong for taking her away from saving the ambassador who has died. 

Capulet visits Juliet's crypt. He's devastated. He sees a ghost and follows it. It tells him to beware before disappearing.






Still Star-Crossed
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Still Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Rosaline: So, I'm to stand in front of all Verona and promise that one day I'll be married to a Montague.
Livia: I still say it's better than praying your life away in a nunnery.
Rosaline: It's not about praying or God. It's about living a life that's your own instead of some Montague's.

Become Sister Rosaline and you never have to become a Montague.