A Confusing Stitch - Stitchers
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On Stitchers Season 1 Episode 9, Kirsten and Liam are having breakfast together, but Kirsten's work keeps calling her and asking her to come in. Liam tries to get Kirsten to open up to him about what she really does for a living, but she manages to keep the secret to herself. At the lab, Maggie tries to put doubt in Kirsten's mind about Liam. She tries to convince her that it seems strange he would come back, out of the blue, and propose to her right after she got into the stitchers program. Kirsten doesn't want to hear more about Maggie's doubts about her relationship and tries to get her to stop prying.

Maggie continues on her hunch and has Liam followed, but he's able to spot the person watching him. Liam goes to Kirsten to figure out what is going on, but she again continues to keep her secret. Kirsten is furious with Maggie and tells her she needs to get out of her person life. Maggie has Kirsten sits down and she explains that no matter what, Kirsten will never have an honest relationship because she will have to continue lying about what she does. Kirsten seems to understand what Maggie is saying and she finally tells Liam she can't be with him anymore because she needs to find herself.

In a shocking twist, it turns out Liam is working for someone else and since Kirsten broke up with him he now needs to go into the second part of his plan.

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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Camille: Good morning people! Isn't it a great day to be alive?
Cameron: You're a happy camper today.
Camille: Yeah, cause the last time I was in here we almost died and now the sun is shining, flowers blooming. Greatest team in the world! Churros for everyone!

Linus: What are you doing? You're getting them to like you?
Camille: I kinda thought that was the point.
Linus: But they like you too much. I mean, how am I supposed to dump you?
Camille: I thought I was dumping you.
Linus: Oh that's so emasculating! Alright, whatever, just reel it in.