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On Stitchers Season 2 Episode 1, Kirsten is distraught when Cameron isn't waking up. The medics declare his time of death, but Kirsten doesn't want to believe them and makes them work on him one more time. Unfortunately, they still aren't able to get a pulse and Kirsten cries over Cameron's body, but is surprised when he puts his arm around her and tells her he's OK. At the hospital, Camille and Linus discuss this new version of Kirsten and are curious about why she's starting to show emotions. Kirsten can only assume the reason she's able to feel emotions again is because she stitched into Cameron who was still technically alive. 

Cameron and Kirsten's reunion is cut short when they find out Les Turner was murdered. They bring Turner's body back to the lab and try to stitch into his mind, but Kirsten gets sick when she enters his mind and finds out it is all jumbled. They pull her out and try to work on getting his mind put together so they can get a better picture of who shot him. Kirsten is sent back into his mind and she sees Maggie as the one who killed Turner, but Maggie refuses to take the blame and makes Kirsten focus more on the still somewhat jumbled memories. Kirsten is able to figure out it wasn't Maggie who killed Turner, but by the time the picture starts to clear up she has to bounce out of the stitch before getting any answers.

While in the stitch, Kirsten constantly saw a number which leads her and Camille to a secret room in the building. In the room Kirsten finds Ed's preserved body and is determined to find out what is going on. She makes the team hook her up to Ed's memories, but his mind only holds faint memories which Kirsten can't see, but she's able to smell incense. Kirsten is bounced out of the stitch and goes home where she still thinks about being in Ed's mind. Kirsten realizes, after picking up her father's old coffee mug, the smell is familiar to her because it's what her father's shaving cream smelled like. 

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Stitchers Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

I don't want a sponge bath.

Detective Fisher

Camille: Linus, may I see you in the hallway?
Linus: I wanna hear.