Standing Her Ground - Stitchers Season 3 Episode 3
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It's Cameron's first day in charge of the stitch lab, and things are not going well. Camille arrives hungover and mad at the world. She's angry with Linus because defending Ivy cost her the promotion. She's mad at Cameron for getting the promotion instead of her. He has a hard time with the job at first, and when Camille and Kirsten both give him attitude, he loses it. He asks Kirsten to be more supportive and she agrees.

The victim is a divorce lawyer named Mark Broden. He was also going through a divorce. Kirsten stitches in and finds three separate women in his memory. One is his ex-wife, they learn another is a Hollywood plastic surgeon, and the third is one Mark keeps referring to as perfect so the team nicknames her Ms. Perfect.

At first, they assume he died from a gunshot wound, but after the stitch, the learn he died of affixation. As they investigate, they learn the ex-wife shot him, and the plastic surgeon tried to poison him with Botox. Fisher nearly gets poisoned instead and the doctor attempts to kill Cameron while they're questioning her. Kirsten does another stitch and they discover he kept Ms. Perfect behind a wall in his room. Fisher and Camille rush to rescue her, and learn she's a doll.

Linus realizes the issue Kirsten's having in her stitch is due to high oxytocin levels because of her relationship with Cameron. He tells them that if they want the stitches to go well, they need to cool off physically. Cameron agrees because he knows how important it is for Kirsten to save her mother. But when he thinks it's affecting him more than it is her, the two fight.

Camille spends time with Amanda. She tells her that she wants something where she's not judged. The two sing together. Kirsten spends time with Ivy. Ivy and Linus continue to grow closer. Linus realizes the plastic in the doll killed the victim. But the store knew he was allergic. Cameron, Fisher, and Kirsten go back, and realize the manager killed Mark. He attacks Cameron, but Fisher is able to rescue him.

Fisher gives Kirsten and Cameron advice about love. The two go back to Cameron's apartment and watch a movie. She appreciates him for supporting her. Cameron promises to be there, but he seems unhappy once she falls asleep. 

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Stitchers Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

A plastic surgery place in Beverly Hills without patients is like Arkham without inmates.


I could use some support now, okay? Not attitude.