A New Horror
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June 28, 1984

The reactor is back, and a group of men are eagerly anticipating using it all over again to open the portal to the Upside Down. 

Two of them have a key each, and manage to open it. A monster starts slithering out, but the machine starts to malfunction. 

Everyone looks on in horror as the portal to the other side closes, but not before the machine sends electricity flying out, turning everyone within the distance of it to ashes. 

One scientist is killed as Comrade-General leaves, giving them one year. 

One year later. 

Mike is singing, and Eleven wants him to stop. They kiss. Hopper watches on outside, and realizes what is going on. 

He yells from his chair, and Eleven uses her powers to close the door. When he runs to the room, it is locked from the inside. 

When Eleven eventually lets him in, they are not doing anything.  

Mike meets Max and Lucas at the Starcourt to hit up the cinema.  

Steve takes them through the back of Scoops Ahoy to let them into Night of the Living Dead. 

There's a powercut in the mall. 

We cut to rats in a warehouse, runnning down to the basement, and dust making what appears to be a monster. 

After that, the power returns. 

Will feels that something has changed, and he gets a glimpse of the demogorgon all over again. 

Nancy wakes up for work late because the power went out. 

Joyce notices all of her magnets fell down. It knocks down a drawing of "Bob Newby Superman."

Dustin is on his way back to town, and surprise his friends appear to have ghosted him. 

He's suprised when he returns home to find that they were hiding in his house, waiting on him. 

At the pool, the moms get dolled up in anticipation of Billie showing up for his shift. 

Hopper confides in Joyce about the time Eleven and Mike are spending together. Hopper wants Joyce to deal with them. She declines, but agrees to help him find the right words. 

Nancy arrives at work with lunches, but brings a burger without mustard, causing a ruckus. 

Billy romances Mrs. Wheeler, and she gets ready to meet him, but she pulls out at the last minute. 

As Billy is driving, he is pulled into somewhere by supernatural forces. 

Stranger Things
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Stranger Things Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Mike: Oh, my god. That was priceless. Did you see his face?
Eleven: It was like a tomato.
Mike: Yeah, a fat tomato.
Eleven: Yeah, a fat tomato.
Mike: I know. Me too. But I'll see you tomorrow, all right? First thing.
Eleven: Tomorrow.

Man: Comrade-General, we are close. You can see. You can see our progress. We just need more ti--.
[COMRADE GENERAL walks over to Alexi as one of his men grabs the man.]
Comrade-General: You have one year.
Alexi: Yes, Comrade-General.