Eleven's Presentation - Stranger Things
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The children set off on a mission to find the gate.

Dustin has a theory that there is one where the people are being killed, so they head back to Lover's Lake.

Steve goes through it, while Nancy and Robin, and Eddie follow.

They are attacked by bats.

Dustin, Max, and Lucas are caught by the cops.

The town is on a curfew and people are searching for the kids as the Tigers said they are all part of a demonic club called the Hellfire Club.

The parents are worried about them and keep them under lock and key.

Nancy and the others make their way to the Wheeler house and communicate with Dustin et al.

Dustin, Erica, Max, and Lucas escape and run to the scene of the first crime to pull everyone back through to the regular world.


Stranger Things
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Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Eleven: When I was in there, I saw something. There was blood. So much blood.
Brenner: That was another memory, a... a more powerful one, invading from your subconscious. You have demons, Eleven. You have demons in your past. That is why we must proceed carefully.

Do you know what happens when someone has a stroke? The blood supply to the brain is cut off. It scrambles the signals in the brain to the point where the mind can forget how to do things. To eat. To speak. To walk.