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-Grey is being forced to help with a job by Kane.

-Grey left a message to cover for his absence, but Dex sees through it. 

-Dex and Ansel are in charge of Bad Alibi. 

-When the Bad Alibi's cook quits, Dex calls Tookie for help. 

-Dex is having her interview for her P.I. licensure. 

-Cosgrove finds out that Hoffman didn't go to Hawaii and that he is investigating Kane from home which leads to him being under review. 

-Kane wants Grey to kill one of the guys helping with the job once the job is done. 

-Hoffman confirms that Grey is missing and asks Dex for her help because he thinks he is helping Kane with a job and he needs to find Kane. 

-Tookie thinks that Frank, Kane's henchman that is posted at the bar, is a food critic. 

-Frank and Kane want to use Ansel as an insurance policy to get Grey to cooperate. 

-Ansel's birthday is the code to Grey's safe, and Hoffman finds bullets in it with no gun. 

-Hoffman tells Dex that Grey is an explosive expert, which she didn't know, which leaves her upset. 

-Frank takes Ansel to a diner and is holding on to him until the job is done. 

-Dex is searching Grey's apartment and finds an engagement ring.

-Ansel gave a card to the waitress saying to call Dex and come get him. 

-Frank tries to take both Ansel and Dex when Dex comes to confront him, but Dex overpowers him. 

-Dex and Hoffman figure out where the job is. 

-Denton gets shot in a standoff between him, Grey and Kane and when Dex shows up to help it gives her PTSD flashbacks. 

-Hoffman contemplates killing Kane.

-Hoffman gets praise from the mayor for helping to bring down Kane and gets Grey off by identifying him as an informant. 

-Dex confronts Grey. 

-Janet approves Dex's P.I. licensure, so it is official; she is a P.I. 


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Stumptown Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Good question. The reason we're rushing is because I'm an escaped convict, and it's not really in my best interest to spend too much time in any one location. I would love to just chill here in Portland for a few weeks, hit up some microbreweries but that's just not in the cards. So, anyone else have anything to share with the group? Comments? Concerns?


Frank: That's interesting. I've never had a bloody mary, with what is that, pineapple juice?
Dex: It's a work in progress. Aren't we all?