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-Dex and Hoffman are on a date to Dex's ex's concert.

-Dex still hasn't forgiven Grey.

-Dex's ex, Fiona, has a stalker and hires Dex to find him. 

-Tookie's food truck gets shut down. 

-The Bad Alibi is on a haunted bar of Portland tour and takes a liking to the tour guide Liz.

-Dex has PTSD flashbacks while at Fiona's show. 

-Nick, Fiona's manager, claims that there is no stalker. 

-Tookie goes to Cosgrove to get help with his food truck permits.

-Fiona comes on to Dex. 

-Liz comes back to see Grey. 

-The stalker sends pictures to Fiona of her hotel room. 

-Dex brings Fiona to Hoffman for help. 

-Tookie's tacos bring back memories for Cosgrove. 

-Dex and Fiona hook up. 

-Hoffman finds the stalker's lair, gun included.

-Cosgrove goes to Tookie for her opinion on her cooking.

-Grey spills his secrets to Liz.

-Ansel is acting out watching Grey and Liz bond. 

-Dex and Grey fight about Grey having Liz there while Ansel was over.

-Fiona's manager Nick was writing letters to the stalker, pretending to be Fiona. 

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Stumptown Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

What the hell lady, what are you doing? I was just trying to grab a selfie.

Random guy

If you wanna get lucky tonight, let's stop talking about bowling.