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-Dex and Liz wake up next to eachother and can't remember what happened.

-Dex and Liz decide to keep the possibility that something might have happened from Grey. 

-Dex gets her next case: proving the innocence of her high school classmate, Penny's, daughter.

-Penny's daughter says that she had Adderal planted on her, which she turned in to the principal, but they didn't believe her when she said it wasn't her.

-Dex goes to Hoffman for help with the case and considers telling him about Liz. 

-Dex convinces the vice principal to let her go undercover as a substitute teacher.

-Dex questions Jennifer's rival, Alyssa, who took over her starting position on the volleyball team.

-The volleyball coach, Coach Glenway tells Dex she thinks Jennifer could be guilty.

-Liz comes clean to Grey and makes it seem like it was all Dex's fault. 

-Penny claims that she went to the principal because Jennifer was concerned that some of her classmates were using uppers, and then the school retaliated against Jennifer. 

-Hoffman and Dex think they found the source of drugs at the school, a girl named Rebecca who they think stole her mom's prescription pad.

-Grey confronts Dex and kicks her out of the Bad Alibi, in front of Hoffman. 

-Dex puts a bug on Rebecca's car, and they overhear her contacting Glenway about the pills.

-Grey tells Dex he is done with her.

-Hoffman arrests Glenway after she leads them up on a chase. 

-Dex watches the security tape from the casino and Liz wasn't taking shots with Dex.

-Sue Lynn tells Dex it's time to clean up her act. 

-Dex gives Grey the security footage and he dumps Liz. 

-Liz says she did it to get rid of Dex because they couldn't have a relationship with her in his life. 

-Ansel tells Dex he wants to move out. 

-Hoffman goes to see Dex to tell her how he feels, and Grey shows up right after him. 

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Stumptown Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Liz: Have you done this before?
Dex: From many balconies and many heights.

Dex: Are you getting smart with me, Owl?
Owl No it's just dunkheads, with a d.
Dex: Like your grade if you don't zip it.