Fast Friends - Stumptown
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-Dex's later case brings her to a vegan strip club called Hold the Meat.

-Grey brings the heroin to Hoffman and Cosgrove so they can make it look like he sold it.

-Ginger hired Dex to find out who is skimming off the top.

-Scuzzy threatens Grey over getting in the way of him making money.

-Ginger wants to bond with Dex. 

-xxx Cosgrove brought in tries to spark doubt in Cosgrove about Hoffman and Grey.

-Grey tries to encourage Max to get rid of the heroin. 

-Tookie knew Dex and Ansel's parents. 

-Ginger gives Dex a necklace, and some complimentary one-on-one time with Ford, one of her dancers. 

-Hoffman catches Jimmy snooping around his files looking for Grey's CI file. 

-The dancers have all been stealing, collectively, to help Enrique after Ginger pushed him off the stage.

-Dex goes to Ginger and tries to reason with her to get her to bring Enrique back and fix the issues with the guys, but Ginger turns on Dex and fires her.

-Ginger filed a report against Dex with the Private Investigating Board.

-Hoffman tries to get Grey to be smart about Max after Grey says he will try to turn her.

-Jimmy goes to Cosgrove ratting out Hoffman for not sharing info. 

-Dex goes to one of the meetings for veterans. 

-Scuzzy found someone who knew Grey in jail who tells the crew they can't trust him.

-Hoffman catches Jimmy going after the heroin. 

-Ansel celebrates the anniversary of Dex taking him in.

-Grey and Hoffman go to Dex to ask her to go undercover with Grey. 




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Stumptown Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Dex: So, the acronym is SOB?
Woman: Yeah, never heard that one before.

Lady hustler. I definitely hired the right girl.