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-A former client brings Dex on a reality court show claiming Dex brought her a cat that was not hers and refused to pay Dex.

-Judge Price hires Dex to find his brother, Latorace who sold their family home leaving their mom with no place to live.

-Ansel tells Dex he wants to talk more about him moving out. 

-Captain White ropes Hoffman into bringing his wife to a Matchbox 20 concert. 

-Dex goes to Hoffman for help, and he doesn't want to help her, but agrees to once Dex tells him what Latorace did.

-Hoffman gets Dex a lead with the strip club Latorace hangs out at. Latorace makes Dex help him run out on a bookie. 

-Latorace used the money from selling the house to invest in cats that eat coffee berries and then poop out coffee beans and the cats got held up in customs so he can't pay his partner, Chen, who is trying to kill him now.  

-Dex tells the Judge that Latorace is in danger and asks if he wants to keep her on payroll to look into it. 

-The Captain's wife hits on Hoffman. 

-The Captain's wife's car gets stolen while Hoffman is in the gas station.

-Dex and Grey take a shot together and make ammends for the Liz situation. 

-Grey is on Ansel's side about moving out. 

-Hoffman asks Grey for a favor for letting him off the hook for the Kane situation and asks him to help find the car thieves.

-Judge Price gets a ransom note for Latorace but thinks that he did it himself. 

-The chop shop that the car was sold to won't give Grey any information but he thinks they will lead them to the suspect.

-Dex tells Ansel he isn't ready to move out. 

-Dex confronts Chen who says he didn't kidnap Latorace. 

-Judge Price gets an ear in the mail and the security guard who delivered it says the person who dropped it off smelled like a hamster.

-Dex and Judge Price find Latorace locked in a cage at Chen's store.

-Chen shoots Judge Price. 

-Dex decides to let Ansel move out, and Grey offers to let him move in with him for a little bit. 

-Hoffman is forcing Grey to go undercover and infiltrate the carjacking ring after the person who stole the Captain's wife's car says there is more going on than just carjackings. 

-Dex told Hoffman when he went to her house in the midseason finale that she needs to be alone. 



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Stumptown Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Judge: You all know the rest.
Audience: Reality checks don't bounce.

Dex: Hey, hey, I was on tv today.
Ansel: Passed out on the street again?