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-Dex goes to approach a P.I., Artie Banks, to do an apprenticeship with. 

-Artie agrees to take on Dex after she offers him a cut of her jobs. 

-Artie takes Dex to their first case together: helping Candace get custody of her kid and digging up dirt on her ex Randall.

-Artie used Dex to manipulate Candace and planned on dropping her right away, but Dex convinces him to let her stay on for the rest of the case. 

-Dex successfully infiltates Randall's office to bug it. 

-Artie and Dex get into a car accident after a car wheel falls off, which Artie thinks was done on purpose. 

-Hoffman goes to question Grey on Feeny and tells him he is dead.

-Randall was sending money to a madam, Stephanie. Randall is paying her a finders fee for Candace, who was one of her escorts when her and Randall met. 

-Sue Lynn goes to Dex and threatens her to back off Randall. 

-Cosgrove wants Hoffman to go to Dex to confirm or tear down Grey's alibi, so he invites her over for dinner. 

-Artie has Dex put a GPS tracker on Randall's assistant's car. 

-Dex and Hoffman use their dinner to interrogate each other and end up sleeping together. 

-Artie asks about Dex's dad and she clams up. 

-Artie and Dex get shot at by their former client, causing Dex's PTSD to flare up.

-Randall's mistress gives them a lead on a video of him hitting her to use against him after she meets Candace. 

-Dex confronts Artie's former client and threatens to call the cops on him but he reveals that Artie takes the information he gathers for clients and flips it around selling it to the other person. 

-Dex confronts Artie and he already sold the tape to Randall. 

-Dex vows to get revenge for her and Candace. 

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Stumptown Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Dex: What the hell is that?
Artie: I'm not sure exactly I just know that it's expensive.

Good thing it's trash day.