A Possible Cover-Up - Stumptown
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-Dex met Benny while being kept out of a show she was trying to get into with a fake ID. 

-Jeremy introduces Dex to his contact, Major Elders, who tells her that Benny's vehicle might have been targeted by an outside group, not Al Quida. However, the file is classified.

-Kara and Hoffman are undercover at a bar specializing in swinging, trying to find someone who is drugging older men and stealing from them.

-Hoffman sees Tookie's wife at the bar, cheating on him.

-Dex goes to see TJ, a man who was in Benny's unit, to try to get more answers. 

-Dex asks Hoffman for help to dig up dirt on TJ because he came back from the war very well off.

-Hoffman tries to approach Tookie about his wife to see if he has any clue what is going on. 

-Hoffman and Kara review videos from other bars they have been surveilling and found Tookie's wife at others. They think they found their suspect, who they see lead a man into a backroom, who then comes out without his expensive watch.

-Kara and Hoffman bond over their failed past relationships.

-Dex breaks into Elder's hotel room, making the break-in obvious, so she can trick him into revealing the name of the case file. 

-Hoffman catch their suspect red handed. 

-Tookie's wife gets arrested.

-Benny's case was labeled as a crime possibly occurring, meaning his unit might have been dirty. Grey suggests maybe Dex didn't really know him.

-Grey's dad is supposed to come to see him and blows him off.

-Jeremy confronts Dex about breaking into Elder's hotel room.

-One of the men that was arrested in Hoffman's sting works for the DOD, so Hoffman tells Dex he thinks she could use it. Dex tells the guy that she will tell Tookie where he lives if he won't help her.

-Tookie's wife begs him for forgiveness and he rejects it.

-Kara and Hoffman hook up.

-Benny was trying to tell Dex something before he died, but she was refusing to see or speak to him.

-Tookie tries to take off, but Grey talks him down.

-Dex gets a copy of the file, and there are screenshots of Benny calling Dex telling her he needs to tell her something in person. Dex realizes Benny was planning on exposing his unit. 

-Dex goes to confront TJ and finds him unconscious on the floor and is taken by a masked person. 

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Stumptown Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Benny: Dex, that's twice as much detergent as you need, maybe three times.
Dex: Maybe I like my shirts itchy.
Benny: But that was my shirt.
Dex: Not anymore.
Benny: God, I love you. I'm not taking it back.

Woman: You have amazing legs.
Kara: Thank you.
Woman: Oh, I'm sorry my partner and I were sure you were a unicorn.
Kara: Oh, first-timer.
Woman: Come find us when you're ready to play.