Getting a Tattoo - Stumptown
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-Tookie and Ansel go to Grey with a proposition for Tookie's food truck to supply the food for The Bad Alibi. Grey agrees to a week trial.

-Claire hires Dex for sister Jenna's wedding, under the guise of her being a security consultant. 

-If Jenna goes through with the wedding, she will be losing 125 million dollars worth of shares in their family's company because she won't get a prenup. 

-Jenna's fiance is a tattoo artist who goes by Zack Night, but his real name is Scott Thompson. Dex goes to him to get a tattoo. 

-Hoffman argues with his dad, Lionel, over his firm representing Chaz.

-Grey feels like it was a bad idea to go into business with Tookie.

-Dex finds a post online that accuses Scott of killing his ex-fiance. Dex goes to Hoffman who tells her it was a hit and run and that nothing was connecting him to it. 

-Dex confronts Scott about his ex-fiance. He didn't kill her, but he blames herself because they got into a fight. 

-Scott planned to go back to Dublin, but Jenna proposed to him. 

-Lionel takes the case to the media. 

-Dex tells Scott she blames herself for Benny's death because she could have stopped it. 

-Scott tells Dex Jenna lost her husband, but Claire tells Dex that Jenna was never married.

-Tookie and Grey get into a fight, and Tookie pulls out of the partnership. 

-Hoffman goes to the press to get them to print a bad story about his dad. 

-Dex thinks Jenna was the one who killed Dalia. 

-Dex wears a wire and crashes the wedding to get Jenna to confess, and she does at the alter, in front of everyone. 

-Hoffman confesses to his dad that he is behind the article.

-Grey goes to Tookie and asks him to come back. 

-Scott gives Dex the tattoo.

-Grey promotes Ansel to Assistant Manager. 







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Stumptown Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

It's your wedding day, Jenna. If you want a convict cake, I'll get you a convict cake.


Grey: Hey Dex, how about if I redecorated your house while you weren't home?
Dex: Could you please? I'm so sick of my parents' old furniture.
Grey: Okay, what if I traded in your car.
Dex: How dare you. That mustang is the soul of this whole operation.