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During this installment of Stylista, the contestants had the good fortune to put together a fashion show.

First, though, there was the meaningless assistant's challenge. We hope they reward the winner of this task with more next season.

For this episode, it involved finding a model for designer Zac Posen. The winner was Megan, as Anne thought the selected the ideal, curvy woman for the dress in question. As a result, Megan chose the teams for the major editorial challenge. She picked Johanna, leaving Ashlie and DyShaun together.

The challenge was this: choose one of six new designers, put together a fashion show with their creations and then make a page that focuses on the show/designs. Pretty cool stuff.

First, the teams fought over the label Jolibe. The designers themselves were therefore left to choose which team they wanted to represent them. They selected Ashlie and DyShaun because they showed more enthusiasm for their dresses. Johanna wasn't happy that Megan failed to garner this side its first choice of designers. Now, Megan and Johanna were stuck with Robert Ruiz.

Fashion show time! Ashlie and DyShaun seem to impress Anne and company more with their performance, as the dresses look amazing, as does the make up and hair. Even Johanna admits this. But she also acknowledges that her and Megan can make up for it with a great layout, so she stays up most of the night getting started.

During the designing of their page for Elle, Ashlie and DyShaun don't get along too well. DyShaun thinks there are too many pictures on the page, which is the same mistake Ashlie's team made last week. Megan and Johanna do a fantastic job, though, and they are rewarded for it:

Anne says that, even though Ashlie and DyShaun's fashion show was better, they failed to take advantage of that on the page. Megan and Johanna win the challenge.

So, who goes home? Ashlie, naturally. Anne cites the fact that she made the same mistake two weeks in a row - a failure to edit down her work properly - and congratulates DyShaun for earning another week at Elle.

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