As the Stylista contestants contemplate Arnoldo's elimination, Kate and Megan have it out. These two just don't get along.

Later in the hour, Cologne finds Kate crying her eyes out in the bathroom. During a house meeting, it's apparent that neither of these women is very popular. Ashlie says Megan isn't to be trusted.

Here's this week's Assistant Challenge: Brett Ramey introduces the contestants to the ELLE closet. The challenge is to grab a handful items Anne has asked for and dress an empty mannequin with them. Seems easy enough, right? The assistant with the most correct items and the best outfit wins.

Ashlie and Megan do well, while Kate's mannequin is a train wreck. Slowey asks if Kate's mannequin is drunk, though the contestant doesn't seem to realize how humiliated she ought to be. Megan wins the challenge.

Here's this week's Editorial Challenge: Find a hidden gem (hence the episode's title) in Chinatown; the best will be featured in the ELLE Living section. The choice must be Unique, must apply to readers' lifestyle and must possess an interesting story.

Megan puts Kate, Devin, and Ashlie together. She chooses William, Cologne, and Danielle as the second team. For her own squad? It's Megan, Johanna, Dyshaun and Jason. The latter doesn't know why he was chosen for this team, but Megan rudely makes it clear in an interview: she picked Jason so that the team has a dud it can throw under the bus if they're in the bottom. Ouch.

Team Megan Sucks: Johanna asks for traditional Chinese health and beauty products in Chinese, which is pretty darn cool. Jason ends up in charge of photos. Unfortunately, his three teammates aren't happy with his work. They tell him about it and Jason breaks out in hives.

Team Poor Ashlie: The girls discover some sort of Chinese tea. Devin wants to interview the shop's workers, but Kate argues against it; Ashlie attempts to act as mediator, but it's apparent she agrees that it's not what they're looking for. Ashlie keeps trying to move her squad along peacefully.

Team Nice: Cologne, Danielle and William have a wedding theme in mind. At a wedding studio, they interview the boutique owner and photograph the gowns in an attempt to break out of the stereotypical "Chinatown" mold.

Meanwhile, Jason is still feeling awful back at the house. He has a panic attack the morning of the elimination.  Ashlie tries to comfort him - as the dude shakes and cries - while the rest of Jason's teammates don't do very much. Eventually, Jason actually leaves in an ambulance.

Fortunately, he's back time for the presentations.

The judges love Team Nicole's layout and focus on weddings. The only criticism is their choice of lead photo. Team Poor Ashlie's layout looks almost like a page of advertisements, but the squad gets props for the places it went to.

The judges tell Team Megan Sucks that it's difficult to understand the story is about tea without reading a good bit of it first. They also despise the photos. Uh-oh. In a surprise twist, Jason blames Megan and tries to defend himself. Will it work?

Team Nice wins the challenge, while Team Megan Sucks is named the weakest. Johanna and Megan are spared, but Dyshaun is called out for his copy mistake. Jason is criticized for his poor photography. He's sent home.

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