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On this episode of Stylista, Kate proudly stood up for herself. But we'll get to that shortly.

First, for their assistant's challenge, the contestants had to set up a room for model Maggie Rizer. And it had to be the exact way she wanted it.

Eventually, DyShaun was named the winner of this task, but we have the same complaint as always: they need to award the winner with something more than simply choosing his own team. Doesn't exactly make the 20 minutes of the episode that gets dedicated to this challenge seem worth it.

Anyway, DyShaun chose Megan and Johanna for his team. They squared off against Ashlie and Kate in an editorial challenge that involve dressing up a model however they saw fit and creating a multi-page layout with her.

Ashlie and Kate actually worked very well together. They chose to take a risker approach to the shoot, as they put the model in a bikini and in a unique black and white outfit, as they sort of tied her up and showed her busting free from color.

During the entire task, DyShaun was seriously talking trash to Kate. It seemed to come out of nowhere. But we actually admited the often-criticized competitor for focusing on her work and only giving it back to DyShaun after the task was completed.

As for Team One, they stuck to a few basic poses and outfits for their model. This was eventually rewarded when Anne and company selected them as the winner.

That meant Ashlie and Kate had to face elimination. They were told that it was great they tried a risk, but that they were too proud of their work and didn't make tough editorial decisions when it came to paring down the photos.

Anne soon told Ashlie that she was remaining... but Kate took the news like a champ! She thanked Anne and Joe and bashed the heck out of everyone on team one. She said Ashlie should win the competition... and we agree!

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