On the most recent Stylista episode, the kindness of a contestant proved to be her downfall.

The episode kicked off with a challenge to the competitors to put together a birthday party for Anne's scary-looking niece. She was turning 10 and wanted the celebration of the year at FAO Schwartz. Following an example of how (overly?) nice Cologne can be - she gave a small portion of her $50 stipend for presentation items to Kate because the latter somehow forgot her money at home - the surprise winner of the challenge was Johanna.

As a result, the next task was for the group to actually make Johanna birthday party into a reality. This involved splitting into three groups and following Johanna's instructions to create a fashion show-themed celebration for Anne's niece.

The main focus for the rest of the episode as Team 2, which consisted of Cologne, Kate and Ashlie.

This trip got off to a bad start because all three squads were asked to choose a mother and daughter from the party in order to shoot them for a trends page. Kate quickly spotted the mother she wanted, but another team had beaten her to this stylish woman. When the woman was asked to decide which team she wanted to side with, Cologne jumped in and said don't worry about, her team would find another subject. It would prove to be a costly mistake.

Now stuck with her second choice, Kate pouted for pretty much the entire challenge. She hated the metallic outfits and accessories chosen by Ashlie and Cologne. When it came time to present their trends page, Team 2 was scolded.

Both Anne and Joe actually agreed with Kate, saying the metallic theme was outdated and the page unoriginal. Kate began to cry in front of everyone and threw her teammates under the bus. She said she hated the concept all along, but no one listened to her. Megan actually backed her former rival's story, saying she overheard Kate complaining and Cologne/Ashlie ignoring her.

Once it was also announced that Cologne had let the team's first choice of subjects for its photo shoot go, the fate was obvious: Anne eventually whittled the contestants down to Kate and Cologne and sent the latter home. She said part of being an editor is standing up for what you want and, essentially, Cologne was too nice.

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