Hunting with the One Percent - Succession
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Greg is talking to a reporter about a Logans biography. He doesn't want to be on the record, but we already know he's on the record.

Logan's doctor wants him to slow it down Danny Huston reports that they're at a maybe In the boardroom, they're going for PGM pierce. Again.

If they do it, it will be too big for Stewie and Sandy Logan is doing it to be vindictive but Kendall sees the reason since it's plug and play for Waystar. Kendall turns the room They need to call Frank back to work with Pierce Roman... I swear to god dad if you hire him back I'm fucking walking ... back to my office.

The corporate retreat is in Hungary Connor is getting ready to use flat tax as his platform, down to zero in a few years. And he's not gonna pay anymore Roman uses his girlfriend to get to Naomi Pierce Logan wants Shiv to go see Connor.

She wants to join the corporate retreat Shiv isn't impressed with the potential acquisition. It's too big and they need to stop him. Tom isn't interested in working for Shiv Logan doesn't want the book to come out.

Pauline has bad news. Gerri says she can't stop the publication of the book. And nobody in Hollywood can play him or he'll fuck them Historically speaking when I'm betrayed it's usually you Greg gets the bad news on the plane that someone inside talked.

The gang arrives in Hungary and offers Frank his job again. Connor talks about hyper decanting when Shiv begs he doesn't release the video Connor wants Shiv to work for him.

Tom and Greg go hunting on the retreat. Greg wants to talk to Yom about a guy named Sam. Ratfucker Sam. Greg is freaking out. Greg says she tried to turn the pre-meet into a meet meet and he left.

Tom says Greg should trust no one ever because now he has a valuable piece of capital Shiv finds out about Willas arrangement with Connor more or less Kendall wonders if Rkman got a call from the biographer.

He's considering talking to her They want to know why they're lying to each other.

Hunting is releasing pigs down a dirt road and killing them from platforms. Piggies in a barrel. Why not just toss a grenade?

Board members Carl and Gerri want Tom to talk to Logan about Pierce Danny Huston says they have to back off immediately. Pierce got wind of it and circled the wagons.

Logan won't back off. He wants it more than ever Tom warns Logan he's going to raise the issue of Pierce but to ignore him because he's just a trusted leader who has no reservations Logan locks everyone down.

If someone has to piss, piss in a bucket. Ray goes to get a bucket. Logan says FFS I'm kidding!

Connor released the video Logan wonders if Frank did it before calling him a fucking creep Roman leaked the Pierce deal but Logan looks everywhere else. He can't read a room Phones on the table. Personal and business.

Everyone says what they think Logan wants to hear. Carl gets sent to the corner.

Tom needs to pipe down until he gives logan a grandson.

Kendall was smoking out Roman while hunting. They're screaming four on the floor while Tom has to oink for his sausages. It's sadistic.

The more Roman laughs at others the more suspicious Kendall gets Chris the bar bug doesn't do screens. The news comes from comedians. Shiv just wants to fuck him Kendall finds the calm from Naomi Pierce.

Roman thought landing the deal would be a nice surprise. Logan calls him a moron. Fore in the floor, Kendall says? Nobody knows the cost of a gallon of milk angering Kendall.

Kendall says nobody backs Pierce. Pauline says Mo talked to the biographer. And he died. Greg thanks Tom. Roman gets help from Gerri. Roman is blaming Tabitha for his issue.

He just wants to be taken seriously. Gerri gives him advice, but he balks.

Logan apologizes for his behavior.

Tom geta home to cheating Shiv. He isn't enjoying the way they are sharing strategy.

She gets a call from Logan. It's time to bring her in since there are enemies at the gate. Like Shiv.

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Succession Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Logan: We're gonna fucking eat them up. Good?
Kendall: Yeah, I like it. Let's do it.
Roman: Aww, fuck off dude. Don't be such a suckup. It's pathetic.
Logan: What about you, Romulus?
Roman: I, I fucking love it, but that's my honest opinion.

Just to be clear, this isn't a meeting. It is a precursor to see if I might be willing to meet.