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Harvey must keep Mike out of Jessica's sights this week after the former gets the firm in trouble.

Harvey fires a senior VP of Pearson & Hardman’s accounting firm when it’s found that he falsified his resume qualifications. Mike, strongly identifying with the ousted VP, quickly uncovered a series of shell companies connected to the firm and other wrongfully terminated employees.

In order to acquire this information, however, Mike resorts to some extralegal tactics that alienates him from Harvey’s good graces, which he quickly finds himself reconciling. Mike also finds himself dragged further into a love triangle between himself, Rachel and Jenny, which becomes further complicated when Rachel kisses Mike.


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Suits Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

First of all I didn't pay him off. Second of all, if I hadn't paid him off then you would be in jail right now.


Stan, your best asset is your mind. They can't take that away from you.