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Gerard calls on Mike to look into something suspicious going on with his staff and semi-threatens him with his knowledge of Mike’s secret.

Jeff comes to see Jessica about a vacation to Paris, which he expects for her to join him on.

Mike tells Harvey that he’s taking on a humanitarian case related to liberty rails and confronts Harvey about lying to him about Gerard. He pleads with Harvey that he wants to take the chance to help people, not knowing how much longer he might have to do so.

Jessica meets up with Harvey to discuss the fact he’s given her permission to go on vacation with Jeff, she’s hesitant and they talk it out. Nothing is decided yet.

Louis freaks out when he hears a receptionist call the firm “Pearson Specter” only when answering the phone, it takes Rachel talking him down to prevent him from ripping a the front desk attendant a new one.

Donna said Jeffrey Bender, a whistle blower from the Liberty Rails case called, Harvey tells Donna to let Mike keep going. Mike found something, but Harvey tells him to back off. Mike warns Harvey to stay out of his case. Donna advises Harvey to back off.

Louis brings his concerns about the phone greeting to Jessica, who, when she discovers what has specifically taken place, immediately goes to Jeff, who is the prankster behind it.

Mike takes a hit with his case when it’s discovered that his informant is a repeat offender and he goes to confront him.

Jeff goes to Louis to bury the hatchet. He even agrees to go to drinks with Louis.

Mike is working himself to the bone trying to come up with a fix for his Joe Henderson problem. Rachel tells him he should go to Harvey. Though hesitant at first, he adopts the strategy and gets himself 24 more hours to fix things before Harvey pulls the plug. Donna helps him out, but her contributions aren't admissible in court, causing Mike to become creative. The action saves Mike's case, or does it?

Later, Evan invites Harvey to drinks, only to show him the video of Donna illegally getting the documents that helped Mike, charges are being filed against her.

Jessica goes to tell Jeff the whole truth, but it turns out a liquored up Louis can't hold his own and he spilled the beans to Jeff, causing Jessica and Jeff's relationship to be over.

This is Patrick J. Adam's directorial debut on the series.

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Suits Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Don’t lawyer me.


Right now I don’t care about the case, I care about you.