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Jessica breaks the news  of naming Louis partner to Harvey, who is adamant about finding a way out of making Louis a named partner. Jessica reminds Harvey that it’s his hiring of Mike that has ultimately put them in this situation, and that if she has to suffer, he will have to as well.

Donna is a wreck thinking the resulting situation is her doing, but Harvey is insistent that she is not at fault.

Meanwhile, Louis appears at Mike’s door to reveal his new status as named partner, despite the fact he was told to keep it to himself until Jessica found a way to sell it to the other partners. He promises to bury Mike until he breaks.

The next morning, Mike pays Harvey a visit regarding Louis’ visit to his house the night before. Harvey challenges Mike to do whatever he can to make sure he doesn’t break.

Louis attempts to force Mike into doing paralegal work, a fact about which Mike is supposed to keep to himself. Rachel encourages Mike to show Louis that they used to be friends, Mike takes the advices, but enlists her help with Louis’ task. Unfortunately, Louis later tries the same tactic with Rachel, though with a decidedly more personal attack.

Because a visit to Robert Zane reveals to Harvey is failing to keep his mouth shut about his pending promotion to partner, Jessica and Harvey are forced to announce the decision before they have a chance to sell it to the partners. This is partly because as one of his first acts as partner, Louis decides to hire Katrina back, who convinces him that Jessica’s decision to wait is an attempt to buy time.

When Mike tries to confront Louis about his behavior towards Rachel, Louis vows to use Rachel as his attack point, seeing it as Mike’s weakness.

Robert Zane comes to collect his favor from Harvey, and it requires Harvey to reach out to Scotty. She agrees to settle, but she makes it clear that she never wants to hear Mike’s name again.

Louis tries to strong-arm Jessica into getting some kind of recognition of his name going on the wall. Jessica tells him it’s only because he wants to know he’s earned it, but makes it clear that what he’s done is earn it the way Harvey would have, which seems to strike a cord, but Louis doesn’t let up.

As a result, Jessica adds a clause to his partnership agreement that says as a named partner at the firm that he assumes a role as a co-conspirator in the hiring of Mike Ross under fraudulent circumstances. He grudgingly agrees.

Jessica uses the ceremony as a reset button for office relationships, and she and Harvey decide to both admit their parts in Mike’s secret and fight like hell to keep it. In the same spirit, Jessica goes to Jeff, who came questioning her about the move with Louis. Problem is, she doesn’t start her lie to Jeff with Mike, but with the Hardman situation instead, leaving Jeff in the dark about Mike. Jeff, the man that he is, keeps it.

Donna tries for a second time to mend her broken relationship with Louis, who continues to push back, asking Donna if she’s slept with Harvey as a litmus test, and she answers honestly, challenging Louis to take it or leave it.

Episode directed by Gabriel Macht.

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Suits Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

You’re right, Scottie, I don’t have a leg to stand on. But if you don’t do this for me, I am in trouble.


It was the only bullet in your chamber, and now I’m taking your gun away.