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Donna and Rachel are having girl time talking about Mike and

Jessica and Harvey are having an evening in talking about Michael Jordan, which segways into a conversation about Harvey making a solid, lasting peace with Louis, which is predicated on Louis' forgiving Mike. Jessica challenges Harvey to make it work.

Flashback to Harvey and Donna just after he made partner, Donna suggests he get drinks with Louis and Harvey steadfastly refuses until she reveals she's developed his exit plan. Harvey agrees to follow through.

Flashback to Mike meeting Claire during his work as a mail carrier. She had been ignoring him based on her previous assumptions about who he was as a person, but she shows him another side and scores a date.

Harvey appears at Mike's place and orders him to appear in a particular place for what he refers to as a "trip down memory lane" the following morning.

Harvey goes to meet Louis to tell him about the planned roadtrip. He flashes back to their drinks together where Louis suggests they try and convince Hardman that they are both worth one new partner to get promoted together. Instead of taking Donna's out, Harvey agrees to stay with Louis and drink to the brilliant idea.

The flashback shifts to when Mike and Trevor got their first apartment together, which is the apartment we met Mike with in the series premiere. Trevor says he'll pay Mike's half of the rent for the first year because of his new "jobs" raking in the money.

Both Harvey and Louis go to Hardman to pitch Louis' idea, but Hardman only agrees to advance one of them, and makes McKiernan Motors the object of the wager.

Mike and Claire have their first date and Mike launches his first lie by telling her that he attends Columbia. Matters are only made more complicated when he agrees to help her with a deportation case when he visits her office the next day to flirt.

Jessica tells Hardman that she's uncomfortable with his wager with Louis and Harvey. Hardman is in Louis' corner and Jessica is in Harvey's. Harvey makes a pitch to McKiernan behind Louis' back and gets an agreement that if he wins a hearing the next day then McKiernan Motors will sign with Pearson Specter.

Hardman reveals that he used Harvey as a stock horse and had no intention of allowing him to take on McKiernan Motors. He has schemed an even bigger web that finds Louis on top regardless, a fact only known to Harvey much later.

Grammy forbids Mike from moving in with Trevor after what happened to him and getting kicked out of school.

Flashback Mike finds a loophole in the case, but has his findings thrown out when one of Claire's colleagues correctly suspects he is not who he seems to be.

The tension between Mike and Louis in the present finally reaches critical when they stop to get gas and Harvey leaves the two alone for a minute. Louis attacks Mike and chokes him. It seems the release of tension is exactly what was needed to get the two talking, and it eventually leads to a permanent and genuine cease-fire between the two. Surprisingly, this was all Harvey had planned from the beginning.

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