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Mike tries to pass along the good news about he and Harvey wrapping up the Liberty Rails case to his informant. At the same time, Harvey tracks Donna down to confront her about the actions that got them their deal, which is now in peril. When she tries to convince Harvey that Mike knew nothing about it, Harvey goes to confront Mike anyway and inform Mike that he's dropping the case and settling.

Harvey tries to go to see Evan Smith the next day to get her to drop the case, but is unsuccessful.

Harvey goes to see the DA, who informs him that Donna is facing felony fraud. When he confronts Donna about it back at the firm, she admits she lied because she was ashamed.

Mike struggles to find another plaintiff to keep the case against Liberty Rails alive, but Rachel suggests he finds someone who has nothing to lose, which might be the best advice he ever got

It appears for a second that the five elements that prove fraud aren't present. But when Harvey suggests intent, he plants a seed that the DA sees to fruition when he delivers arraignment papers to Donna and Harvey at the firm.

Jessica is faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to keep Jeff at the firm. At a dinner with her sister, Leah, she's given some great advice. The advice causes her to go to Malone and tell her she loves him and that she's not willing to let their relationship go if he isn't.

Harvey and Donna go to court and the experience terrifies her. She confides in Harvey that she believes he is more interested in taking the DA on than seeing her go to prison, and Harvey's response surprises her.

Harvey and Mike devise a plan to get Evan Smith to drop the case that puts her in the same situation in which she put Donna, but it's enough to get things to go away for good.

Jeff decides to tender his resignation, and it hurts.

Harvey and Donna celebrate the win, but he also takes the opportunity tell Donna that he will never let her be that scared again, and he doesn't let the opportunity pass to tell Donna that he loves her.

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Suits Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

You wanted me to put my walls down. Well, they’re down.


I don’t need a start, I need a finish.