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After leaving Donna's apartment, Harvey reflects on the time he met Donna.

Cahill shows up at his apartment and admits that he can't find the money. Woodall and Forstman are about to walk and he needs all the help he can get. Harvey immediately enlists Mike's help, and Rachel's when she shows up.

Norma dies taking care of her sister and Louis is all out of sorts and dealing with her final wishes. Donna offers to help in support.

Mike and Rachel struggle to define their different roles with Harvey. Rachel takes a day off school to try and find something Harvey can use. Mike confronts her and confides that Forstman manipulated Harvey in the past, which might be motivating his current actions.

Harvey's flashback takes him back to his brother Marcus wanting to open a restaurant and needing money to do it. Harvey goes to Jessica and tries to leverage her, but she won't bite. She does, however, warn him about getting into bed with Forstman.

Donna confronts Harvey about what happened between them at her apartment the previous night. Harvey refuses to acknowledge what he meant, but when he panics and says his I love you was to make her feel better, he alienates Donna.

Who is Woodall hiding that isn't directly related to him becomes Mike and Rachel's new focus when they can't determine who he's trying to fight for and keep from Forstman.

Cahill reminds Harvey that he has nothing, and the realization is starting to get to him, especially when he's reminded that Woodall could come after Louis should he go free, exposing his previous entanglement with Forstman.

Jessica is still reeling a bit from Jeff's recent departure. Harvey needs to get his mind right and wants her help to do it, but she confesses she might not be the best option.

Rachel and Mike find the proof they need, except the person who can provide it has Alzheimer's, though she is Woodall's wife of his younger years. Harvey tries to use the fact that Forstman used his brother much like he used Woodall's ex-wife to get him to turn.

Louis holds a service for Norma in his office and gives a powerful testament to not waste a minute not telling the people around you what they mean to you. He also makes one more plea to Donna to come and work for him.

Harvey wears a wire to catch Forstman admitting what went down with he and Harvey twelve years ago. The sting is a success.

Mike proposes to Rachel in their apartment, acting on Louis' words.

Donna leaves Harvey to work for Louis, leaving him devastated.

Donna decides to leave Harvey

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