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Jessica tells Harvey that she told Jeff about the lie she told him. They discuss how to bring Louis in on it so that their stories are the same,

Prof. Gerard is back and he's looking for Harvey, completing bypassing Louis. He needs help and he needs a win, but Harvey is resistant, especially because Harvey knows the case Gerard needs representations for.

Jessica goes to Louis to tell him about her deceit, and Louis uses the opportunity to poach one of Harvey's clients.

Mike reams Harvey for refusing to take on Gerard as a client because Gerard hurt his feelings in the past. Harvey reconsiders and takes his case. Mike gloats about his impact on Harvey's change of heart.

Louis comes to claim his client, deciding he wants to represent Gerard. He and Harvey get into it, which Donna overhears. She doesn't waste a second to confront Harvey about his missing a golden opportunity to help everyone move on by not blowing Louis off.

Harvey and Mike approach opposing counsel about his own bribery issues.

Donna offers Louis Harvey's first client, and when he goes to get the files from Rachel, he treats her like dirt. At the same time, he refuses to hear the pertinent information that ends up sinking his first meeting with that client.

After his failure, Louis goes to Rachel to fix it, but is still treating her like crap. She calls him out, but also agrees to help him anyway.

Harvey asks Mike to prep Gerard, and he discovers that maybe Gerard is guilty or hiding something when he says there are six queens in a deck when pressed about how he came into cash.

Harvey confronts Gerard, and he finds out that the money is actually a bribe from a student to change his grade. Gerard tries to fault Harvey hesitates to admit that he would keep someone else's secret.

Rachel gets Louis a major win by figuring out how to help him resolve his issue, but he stubbornly refuses to praise truly epic legal work, still holding his grudge.

Harvey admits to Mike how much Gerard's indiscretion has disillusioned him.

Louis finds out that he got one of Harvey's least desirable clients, but when he goes to Donna about it, she lays into him about how they've done nothing but fight for him and protect their own, but that they've all come to their wits end.

Prof. Gerard agrees to sign a document stating that the funds he had was a loan. He also apologizes to Harvey for letting him down.

Louis keeps up his end of the bargain with Jessica and reaffirms her story with Jeff.

Harvey thanks Mike for advising him to take Gerard's case. Mike admits that he thought Gerard had caught on to him and the fact he had never taken his class. Gerard, did, in fact, intimate to Harvey that he knows, but Harvey denies it's the case.

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Suits Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

I tried to tell you but you couldn’t hear me through all of your rage.


I’m going to help you, not because you deserve it, but because I am an associate and a professional.