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Rachel tells Harvey that Mike has been arrested. 

Harvey wants to go talk to Mike as his lawyer, but Jessica thinks it will make them look guilty as co-conspirators. 

Robert Zane arrives as Mike's lawyer. Mike admits the truth to him. Robert wants him to turn on Harvey, but Mike won't do it. 

Louis tells Donna that Mike has been arrested and that she can't go see him or Harvey.

Harvey arrives and becomes Mike's lawyer. 

Donna tries to comfort Rachel, and her dad tells her she should get rid of Mike, but she can't do that. 

Harvey makes a deal to get Mike's bail waived with Mike's letter of resignation. 

Harvey tells Donna that he resigned and he has to stay away from the office. 

Gibbs tries unsuccessfully to have Harvey removed as Mike's attorney. 

Jessica asks Louis to come up with a plan B to battle Jack. 

Robert asks Jessica to fire Rachel, because she won't quit, but Jessica refuses. 

Harvey asks Scottie if she gave up Mike, but she is offended by the question.

Mike confronts Trevor who says he didn't turn him in. 

Louis fires Donna, freeing her to help Harvey and Mike. 

Mike and Rachel fight over the deal on the table for Mike to turn on Harvey.

Harvey is going back to the office and bringing Donna with him.

Mike threatens Jack that he will say that he's the one who knew the truth if he doesn't lay off Jessica. 

Rachel assures Mike that she won't leave him.

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Suits Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

That woman has to show you're a fraud, but as far as the world knows, you're a goddamn lawyer and that's the way it's gonna stay. Don't forget, we don't need to prove you're a lawyer. She needs to prove you're not.


Whatever you're gonna say, don't say it. The truth is, you're doing me a favor, because after I got you out of this I was going to tell you to stay away from Rachel for the rest of your life. But I don't have to do it now, because you're gonna wind up in prison anyway.