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Harvey runs into a mystery woman in the lobby and hits on her, but she turns down his offer for a one night stand.

Katrina Bennett meets Mike at Zane's law firm and thanks him for getting her the position after she was fired. He reveals that is was Rachel that called in the favor. 

The mystery woman turns out to be, Esther, Louis' sister, but their relationship is tense.

She tells him she is getting a divorce and she wants Harvey to be her lawyer. He agrees after she makes a heartfelt appeal. 

Robert Zane gets an offer of $25 million for their class action, but Mike doesn't think it's nearly enough. 

Louis asks Harvey to take his sister's case, and Harvey eventually agrees. Louis demands that Harvey won't sleep with Esther while they're working together.

Esther reveals that her husband is trying to take her company in the divorce.

Rachel picks up on Harvey and Esther's flirtation, and Jessica praises him for trying to rebuild bridges with Louis.

Mike and Robert counter offer on their class action, but opposing council threatens to take the entire offer off the table. When Mike wants to go to trial, Robert reveals that the clients took the offer when he talked to them behind Mike's back.

Harvey's divorce negotiations go south when Esther's husband reveals that she gave him a verbal agreement for half of the company. Esther tells Harvey that it's true, but because of her husband's affair she plans to lie under oath and say it didn't.

Mike suspects that Robert is protecting one of his hedge fund clients who stands to lose money in their class action. When he confronts Robert, he denies it but tells Mike to bury what he found.

After Donna confronts him about the way he's treated her, Harvey realizes that Esther's divorce is similar to his situation with Donna, and he can't keep blaming her for choosing to leave him. 

Rachel finds out that Mike suspects Robert of fraud, and she blows up at him.

Harvey convinces Esther to take a 25% deal and then sleeps with her.

Mike apologizes for questioning Robert's integrity, but when Mike mentions kids of their own, Rachel gets nervous. 

When Robert shows up furious over a turn in the case, Jessica reveals that she went behind both of their backs with the insider trading information to get more money for their clients.

Harvey finally manages to smooth things over with Louis and thanks Donna for her time with him. 

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Suits Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

You know it would be easier for both of us if you were wrong every once in a while.


Harvey: I just have to know... were one of the two of you adopted?
Esther: I've been asking that for years.