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Jessica makes Louis promise to leave Jack Soloff alone, hoping to get him on their side eventually.

McKernon Motors calls Mike for help instead of Louis, which triggers Louis' petty nature.

An old acquaintance, Sam Mekonnen, shows up begging Harvey to help him out of an insider trading scandal. Harvey is reluctant to help him because the last time they met, Sam was willing to send an innocent woman to jail. 

Mike asks Donna to help him get the Plaza for his wedding because it's booked.

Dominic prefers Mike's counsel to Louis', which causes a rift in their partnership. Louis convinces Mike to take his side, which proves their client wrong. The only solution is to get Jack Soloff on their side.

Louis agrees to let Mike handle Soloff in order to give them the best chance at succeeding. 

When Harvey finds out that Dr. Agard is Sam's therapist, he gets defensive and angry. Dr. Agard is set to testify against Sam in court, which puts Harvey in the sticky situation of trying to get her to back off.

Mike tries to negotiate with Soloff, but Soloff demands all the compensation for the deal instead of half. Louis agrees to Soloff's terms, trying to let go of the pettiness. 

Donna shanghai's the couple who have Mike and Rachel's Plaza date, and she threatens to reveal the man's affair if they don't give up their date. 

During Dr. Agard's deposition, Harvey uses her previous confession about the client she got killed to undermine her statements against his client. 

Dr. Agard confronts him about it, and she drops his as a client.

Louis and Mike's deal gets blown up by Soloff, but they don't have any proof to take to Jessica.

Harvey confesses to Rachel that Dr. Agard is his therapist, and she tells him to ask Agard for help in order to get Sam out of jail. 

Dr. Agard demands an apology, and Harvey gives a heartfelt one, while still justifying the defense of his client. She agrees to give him her files to help Sam's case.

When Jack Soloff pulls another move that gets Jessica involved, and she realizes he's in bed with Hardman.

Harvey finally agrees to talk about his mother with Dr. Agard, and Mike tells Jessica that Donna got them the Plaza. 

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Suits Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Good luck with your duck, Red.


Why the hell should anyone ever trust you with anything?