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Cahill revealed he had a new witness in the case, but Harvey countered by saying he should get 3 days to deposition this new witness. 

Cahill tried to wriggle out of it, but the judge sided with Harvey due to the fact Harvey was blindsided in the courtroom about all of it. 

Mike tried to get Kevin in on the plan again when he realized that the chances of him getting out were diminishing, but Kevin lashed out when he realized Mike was informing on him. 

He was sent to solitary. Mike was forced to go to Frank to get him out, but he had to bribe him with his innocence. 

Gallo was furious about the whole thing, but followed his end of the deal through. 

Kevin returned and started to agree with Mike about it all. 

Donna went to Jill and told her about her own father going to prison. 

Mike, Harvey, Jill and Kevin were in a room listening to a meeting with Sutter saying he would throw Jill under the bus

Jill then agreed to turn on her father, but Harvey revealed he couldn't cut her a deal, but Mike could. 

Mike managed to talk Cahill back into letting him do the deal. 

Jessica and Rachel tried help Leonard get his execution date delayed, but they would need to get a family member in to help. 

Rachel managed to get Leonard's aunt to fill in the form to delay the execution. 

Louis ditched Tara after finding out her boyfriend was back in town. 

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Suits Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

I’m sorry, did the internet go down? Did you go over your friends and family plan?


Kevin: Water under the bridge. You had my best interests in mind.
Mike: Want some bacon?