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Harvey went to Rachel to try and bring her in on the plan to have Mike take the bar. She reluctantly agreed and she and Harvey managed to implicate Palmer in sleeping with clients. 

This resulted in the case working in his favor and he and Mike managed to get $200 million for the victims. 

However, Mike was not impressed to learn that Rachel was brought in on the plan. 

Donna and Benjamin agreed that The Donna was ready for a bigger market and they went to visit Stew. Stew wanted ninety percent ownership, so they went to another investor. 

But this became the bain of Donna's life when she realized that her charm could only get her so far. She was shocked to learn that the investors were not happy with her. 

She decided to release ownership to Benjamin, but he revealed that he would not allow it. 

Louis wanted to find out what would happen if he told Tara the truth because it was eating away at him. 

He checked in with Rachel to find out how she reacted when Mike told her the truth. 

When it came to telling Tara, she was not impressed and the pair bickered. 

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Suits Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Donna: Benjamin, The Donna’s ready.
Benjamin: What do you mean?
Donna: I mean, five minutes ago she expressed empathy.

Harvey, that’s enough. You promised Rachel you would pull the plug if things got too risky. Well, they just got too damn risky.