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Louis reeled Donna into his plan to take Tara to the Hamptons. She helped him get rid of all the for sale signs so that the house looked like it had been his for quite some time. 

When Tara arrived, he imagined her being loving towards him, but she was just being normal. They were shocked when the real owners of the house appeared. 

Louis' lie was exposed, but he eventually told her the truth. Tara said it was the most romantic thing that anyone has ever done for her. 

Mike managed to get the truth out of Kevin after a tense meeting between the two of them, Harvey and Sutter. 

Kevin revealed that he was covering up for his wife because if he informed on her, she would have been sent down and he didn't want that to happen. 

When Mike tries to get him to go public about Sutter, he was told to keep quiet because he didn't want his wife to be hauled to prison. 

Rachel pursued Jessica to help her with Leonard Bailey's case, but Jessica was too busy to help. 

Rachel found out that a witness disappeared, but when she met with Bailey's lawyer, she learned that the case was as good as done. 


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Suits Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

I just thought showing Tara your wood wasn't the only way to show her what kind of man you are.


Louis: Donna, I need you to help me feel my wood.
Donna: Oh, dear God.

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