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Rachel got a letter saying she was not getting into the bar. 

Louis went to Harvey, who went straight to one of the board members. The man gave Harvey a date for Rachel, but said she probably would not get in... unless Harvey sued one of his biggest competitors. 

Reluctantly, Harvey agreed to it, but not before he told Mike there was a chance he could get into the bar. Mike said no and continued his job at Nathan's clinic. 

They tried to tackle sofia's case, but her son wound up in hospital due to the building works. She did not get to hand the check in, so Mike took it and the lawyer declined it because it was late. 

Mike said he would go after her for all she was worth if he attempted to do that again. She then offered up $10,000 but Mike found out the medical costs would be way more than that. 

Linda was against giving more money, but the case was later thrown out of court when Oliver froze up. 

Donna connected with Benjamin over a prototype he created about Donna's mind. 

Louis continued to try and be okay with the way things were going with Tara. 

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Suits Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Harvey: Hey, Mike, what are you doing here?
Mike: I came to apologize to you for yelling at you about going to Gibbs.
Harvey: You don't have to do that.
Mike: Yes, I do. I know you only had my best interests at heart. You always do and... I shouldn't have snapped at you.
Harvey: Well, I shouldn't have gone to her behind your back.
Mike: That's okay. Kinda worked out.
Harvey: Come on in, let's have a drink. You can tell me all about it.

Mike: You're never going to believe it, but they have me supervising a third year law student, thinks she knows more than me.
Harvey: You mean, you have a you?
Mike: She is so much worse than me.
Harvey: Is she constantly talking about what a great memory she has? Does she have a man purse?
Mike: You done?

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