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We pick up with Mike on his first night of prison as he is being processed to enter the jail system. His hair is cut, belongings taken off him and put in a cell with someone called Frank. 

They immediately hit it off and make friends, with both of them confiding in one another about what led them to jail. Things took an awkward turn when Frank let Michael know that he has a phone in prison and he could text Rachel and let her know he's okay. 

After all of this happens, it's revealed that Harvey put Frank away and he wants revenge on him, so he was just using Mike. 

Louis and Jessica reel in the aftermath of everyone walking out of the firm and conspire to get revenge. Louis reels Harvey into the plan, but stupidly lets a delivery driver in who serves Jessica. 

Harvey resorts to giving him $5000 for him saying that he didn't serve him with the papers until two hours later. The team spring into action and Louis goes to try and send letters to the staff who left saying they are in breach of contract, but Benjamin appears. 

Louis forces Benjamin to send the letters, but it all goes wrong when they are hacked. In the end, they stop the hack, but they're in a world of trouble if any of the details get out. 

Harvey and Jessica resort to getting high in order to think of a plan of action to save the firm, but Louis doesn't want to join in. He is forced in when Norma's ashes are on his face.

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Suits Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Louis: Where the hell are you going?
Donna: Where do you think I'm going? I'm going home, Louis.
Louis: Don't you get it? They're all gone. Every single one of them.
Donna: Yeah, we knew that already.

no, and if you have a problem with that, frankly my dear i don't give a damn.