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As Robert and Harvey are signing off on the latter being named partner, Max bursts in looking for Mike. Harvey offers representation when he realizes the kid has lost half of the $50 million from investors. 

Robert tells Samantha to join the case to keep tabs on Harvey, and she does so by asking for an expense account from Donna to use money to get the upper hand. 

Donna refuses to sign off on the money, but Robert goes above her head to approve it. 

Harvey questions Samantha's ethics, but she says they are in check and that her plan is to save the firm. 

Harvey reluctantly works with her, but he flips out when he learns she went over his head to try and get some results. 

Meanwhile, Donna does some digging and learns that Samantha has different information popping up from all over. 

Sheila eggs Louis on to take a bigger role in the company, but he struggles to make her proud, ultimately lying about it. 

In the end, she apologizes and they decide they want to have a child. 

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Suits Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

Sam: I am on this team now, and I have got its best interests at heart.
Donna: Well, you got a funny way of showing it.

You better pull up a seat for me at the table or I will break the whole god damn thing in two.