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Harvey finds Hannah in the toilet crying. He gives her space, and she meets him in his office the next day. 

She tells him David Fox has been swindling her out of overtime money and that she needs to pay for surgery. Harvey is on the fence about what to do, so he turns to David and tells him to fix it. 

David refuses because he would need to pay out everyone, but Harvey threatens that he would make him pay. 

David takes this as an act of war and starts to mess with the firm. Harvey tries to send Hannah to the firm Mike worked at, and thanks to pushing from Donna and Robert, he manages to send it there. 

Donna closes the deal and says that the firm will give legal counsel for a year. 

Meanwhile, Katrina gets a chance to become named partner and brings Brian into her plan to help her out. But she takes a migraine and Brian is not prepared for the client and is warned to stay off the case. 

Brian covers for Katrina, but she realizes that it's time to send him into the courtroom, and confirms the truth to Louis when he confronts her. 

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Suits Season 8 Episode 3 Quotes

If I get involved, things could get very complicated.


Donna: Harvey, this isn't what we do.
Harvey: Mike would have done it.