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Sheila calls Louis to let him know they're expecting a child. Louis is jumping for joy, but his happiness turns to anger when he learns that Sheila wants their child to be raised without a religion as they both come from different backgrounds. 

Louis turned to his sister, Esther, who said that their parents would flip out and cut him off if they raised the child without a religion. 

Louis was battled by it, but was shocked to learn that Sheila was not pregnant and that it was a false pregnancy. 

Harvey learned that he was to help out with David's case, and it meant that Donna didn't give all the information about the deal she brokered to him. 

Donna and Harvey argued about it, but they made up with each other at the end of the episode, while Harvey got the best result David could hope for. 

Alex helped Robert try to win a case a supplier at his vineyard which he bought after the case he and Rachel worked on that reminded him of his sister last season. 

They won the case and it gave Alex a new perspective on Robert. 

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Suits Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

Sheila, I know we're trying to conceive, but I can't have sex with you right now. I just ate an onion bagel.


Sheila: Louis, we hit the jackpot.
Louis: You mean publisher's clearing house?
Sheila: I mean we don't need the sex phone anymore.
Louis: Oh, my god.
Sheila: You hit the bullseye.