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Louis is shocked to learn that, Maurice, the man who attacked him has been hauled in. 

Louis tries to testify but it turns out the wrong date is on the evidence. 

Samantha helps Louis and while she says she's going to get the man where it hurts, she later goes after his family. 

The man agrees to turn himself in. 

Donna and Harvey are at odds when it emerges that Thomas is being used as a bargaining chip by Simon. 

Donna later tells Thomas everything and Simon flips out because it breaks privilege. 

Daniel Low returns in the final moments to tell Harvey it's time to take him down once and for all. 

Brian decides to leave the firm behind when he chooses his relationship with Julie over his one with Katrina. 

However, Louis lets him take the case he is working on with him because he earned it. 

The two agree to go toe-to-toe with each other elsewhere. 

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Suits Season 8 Episode 15 Quotes

Donna: I really like him.
Harvey: I'm happy for you.
Donna: You sure?

Harvey: You chose him over the firm.
Donna: I chose myself over you.