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Malik returns and tells Harvey that he will be going to jail for colluding, and things take a dangerous turn. 

Harvey turns to Cahill and says he will represent him. The next morning, both men are arrested, and Malik tries to get them to turn on each other. 

It comes down to the wire, but Faye forces Cahill to turn on Harvey, but they all manage to get away with it. 

In the end, Harvey takes Malik's misdeeds to the FBI and he is arrested, presumably for a lengthy stint on the inside. 

Harvey returns home to learn that his mother has had a heart attack and died. 

Meanwhile, Esther asks Louis for help when her former mentor tries to strongarm her in the board room. 

Esther says that she was sexually assaulted by her mentor, and Katrina and Samantha join forces to take him down. 

In the end, they managed to get him to resign from his job. 

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Suits Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

Donna: Harvey, I have some bad news.
Harvey: What?
Donna: It's your mother. She had a heart attack. She's gone.

You are under arrest for conspiring with a federal prosecutor.