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Harvey and Donna wake up from their night of passion, and wonder what the future holds. 

Donna tells Rachel, and Harvey tells Mike. The pair realize that they could make a relationship work and that the issue has always been timing. 

Before they get to make much decisions, Louis shows up and wonders why Harvey is there. He later thinks they were trying to think of ways to save the company. 

Louis worries about the lack of applicants, and turns to an old friend for assistance, but he unknowingly makes things worse when he turns to a face from the past. 

Alex gets an offer he can't refuse, but decides to do so anyway, leading to an epic confrontation. 

Samantha is mad that Harvey is changing course, and takes him to the ring for a one-on-one fight, but they manage to put the past behind them. 

Sheila meets Katrina for the first time, and the pair decide to find a way to help keep Louis and the firm safe. 

Harvey reveals that he didn't let out Mike and Rachel's apartment and goes there when he misses them. 

Donna likes this. 

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Suits Season 9 Episode 1 Quotes

Harvey: Samantha, whatever it is, it will have to wait. We have to start locking up Robert's clients before...
Samantha: That's why I'm here. Three of them have already put their accounts up for review.
Harvey: Son of a bitch. The bar just ruled on Robert yesterday.
Samantha: It gets worse. I reached out to six more, and none of them would take my call.
Harvey: Which means six more are about to go.
Samantha: And the only way that could happen this fast is if somebody's already poisoned the well.
Harvey: You think Hardman's still after us?
Samantha: I did ... until I saw these notices were dated two days ago.
Harvey: And two days ago, Hardman was gunning to have me disbarred, not Robert.
Samantha: Exactly.
Harvey: Then, who the hell knew to go after his clients.
Samantha: The same man that tried to blackmail Robert into taking his name off our wall.
Harvey: Blackmail. What are you talking about?
Samantha: I'm talking about you and I going to pay a visit to Eric Calder.

Donna: Say it again.
Harvey: I looked around, and you weren't there.
Donna: I'm here now. What?
Harvey: I just wish I had come to my senses sooner.
Donna: It's okay. I was worth the wait.
Harvey: Donna.
Donna: I know, we have to get some sleep.
Harvey: Everything's changed.
Donna: I know.