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Faye tells Harvey and Louis that they need to discredit Samantha or it's too late. 

Faye loses, but she starts turning the wheel to pull something else off. 

Mike and Alex say they need Katrina, and the latter goes to Faye and tells her she will be giving evidence against her. 

Faye balks at the idea, but things change. 

Mike and Harvey make a plan to con Faye into resigning. They trick her by arguining in the boardroom an swapping out a document. 

She leaves. 

Louis prepares to marry Sheila but her waters break and they make their way to the hospital. 

The baby is born after complications. 

Harvey and Donna get married in their place. 

They then decide to move to Seattle with Mike and Rachel. 

Louis stays behind and works at the firm with Samantha, Katrina and Alex -- all as named partners. 

The final scene is a montage of the show's biggest moments. 

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Suits Season 9 Episode 10 Quotes

Harvey, you and I conned the world for years. I think it's time for one last con.


Harvey: Donna, listen to me. I know you called Mike because you know I needed him. For a couple of hours, I wasn't thinking about the case or tomorrow or even how much I miss my mom. You gave me what I needed, but it's time for me to win this thing.
Donna: You know, I never told you how many times I thought about us being together over the years. I was usually nights like tonight where I didn't know if things were going to turn out okay, but I knew. It doesn't matter if it's Faye or Tanner or Hardman or Goliath, whoever it is, no one stands a chance against Harvey Specter, and that's the sexiest thing in the world.
Harvey: What are you saying?
Donna: I'm saying that we should go in there and earn you the best night sleep you ever had.