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Fay tells everyone that she is there to put the firm on the right path, but everyone pushes back. 

She says that her first order of business is to get Robert's name off the wall. Samantha pushes back, causing problems. 

Samantha then tries to help her PTSD stricken friend Lucas who lost his job to the CEOs son. 

Samantha manages to prove it, but they say they will not be given him his job back. Samantha then opens a firm in her own name with a $100k salary and tells Lucas he works for her. 

She tells him to get the help he needs. 

Louis tasks Benjamin with getting ammunition to take Fay out of the company, but his plan is scuppered. 

Fay says that she's done playing games and fires Louis fromt he job. 

Fay then says she wants an interview with Thomas over why he left. Harvey convinces him to rejoin the firm. 

He agrees, but later decides against it. Donna turns to Fay and admits her relationship with him. 

Fay thanks her for her honesty, and drops the whole thing. 

Donna and Harvey confirm their relationship to Louis and get to work in trying to take Fay down. 

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Suits Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

Fay: If you want me gone, convince me that you people can fly right.
Samantha: And if we don't?
Fay: Then, you'll be fired.

Donna: How long is she going to be here?
Louis: I don't know. Apparently, it's left to the bar's discretion.
Harvey: Bullshit. There is no way I am letting the bar move into my house and tell me how to run it.
Louis: What?
Alex: You know what. This never would have happened if we just ...
Samantha: Don't even say it.
Alex: You don't even know what I was going to say.
Samantha: I can take a guess. You were going to say this all happened because of what Robert did.
Fay: It happened because of your collective choices.
Louis: This is a private meeting, Fay.
Fay: It's also the perfect opportunity for me to introduce myself to the firm's leadership, such as it is.
Donna: Such as it is?
Fay: Miss Paulsen, when a firm's out of control, that starts at the top.
Harvey: If you think you can waltz right in here and start throwing around accusations...
Fay: Then how about we throw around some facts? You've had two managing partners disbarred in as many years, a junior partner go to prison, and if you think anybody believes that you weren't a party to that fraud, think again, but as of today, I'm wiping the slate clean of everything you've ever done.